Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) member to join the Santa Cruz chapter?

Yes, all clinical, prelicensed, and associate (LCSWs, Ph.D.s, etc.), members are required to be members of CAMFT (which is often referred to as “state CAMFT”).

What is the difference between CAMFT and Santa Cruz CAMFT?

CAMFT is the California state organization that represents marriage and family therapists. SC-CAMFT is a local (Santa Cruz county) chapter of CAMFT and is a separate organization which offers networking opportunities and more personal contact with those in your geographic area. Operating funds are entirely separate. You can participate in many of our activities and workshops if you are not a member, but to receive all the benefits of membership, you will need to join SC-CAMFT.

I’m an MFT and new to the area. How will SC-CAMFT benefit me?

SC-CAMFT offers opportunities to network and to develop personal and professional relationships with other clinicians. SC-CAMFT also offers the opportunity for referrals through our online Therapist Finder. Our monthly Café meetings provide an informal forum to meet with colleagues, network, and exchange ideas; and our quarterly training’s provide educational opportunities and CEUs to meet licensing requirements.

How many CEUs are required to renew my license?

Licensees must complete 36 hours of continuing education within the preceding two years of their license renewal date. Licensees renewing for the first time only need to complete a minimum of 18 hours of continuing education by the expiration date of the license. Every license cycle 6 hours of Law and Ethics training is required. Santa Cruz CAMFT offers a 6 hour Law and Ethics training every 2 years.

I’m a student or intern. How does joining SC-CAMFT benefit me?

SC-CAMFT offers a prelicensed therapists’ support group which meets the 3rd Friday of each month. The group includes prelicensed therapists who are interns, trainees, and students in practicum who are in the process of becoming licensed therapists. All members receive the benefit of associating with licensed therapists; education and training; information about current placement opportunities with public agencies and private practitioners; and information about licensing requirements and legislative changes. Eligibility for membership requires membership in the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

You may also attend our general membership meetings and receive our newsletter and directory. All venues provide a forum for networking, finding job opportunities, and connecting to mentors!

I’m looking for an internship. Can SC-CAMFT aid in my search?

Yes. In addition to the prelicensed support group, we provide time at the beginning of each of our monthly Café CAMFT meetings for members to make announcements. There is also a social time preceding each training. This is an opportunity for those seeking internships or employment to inquire and network.

I’m looking for office space or looking to sublease office space. Can SC-CAMFT assist me?

Yes. Members can announce their search for space or let others know of available space at our Cafe meetings and our trainings. Also, ads can be placed in our newsletter. See the Membership Benefits page for details.

I would like to get more involved with my community of MFTs. Does SC-CAMFT offer that type of opportunity?

Being part of a community is what SC-CAMFT is all about. Participate in monthly Café CAMFT presentations and networking, come to the training’s, or better yet, get involved in the board or join a committee. We are a volunteer organization and we depend on the participation of our membership to keep us running smoothly. We can always find a spot that works for the amount of time you have to offer. Working in the community is a wonderful opportunity to network, learn about the mental health community and to cultivate strong professional and personal relationships.

I’m unable to attend the Friday Café meetings and the trainings. Can SC-CAMFT still be of benefit to me?

Yes, you will still receive the newsletter, and, if you are a licensed or clinical member, you can be listed in our directory and in our Therapist Finder on this website.

I’d like to organize or head a specific committee. Can I do so with SC-CAMFT?

Contact our current president to find out what’s available or to present your idea to the board! We love new ideas! See  Contact Us.

I’m a member of another chapter. Can I attend your meetings?

You bet. Check our Chapter Business page for a list of upcoming events at SC-CAMFT. Although you will have to pay the slightly higher nonmember fee to attend, you’re always welcome.

I’m an old member whose membership has lapsed. What do I do?

Under the “Members” tab, select menu option “Join Now” and sign up again! If you have questions, email our Membership Chair.

It’s mid-year; can I still join the chapter?

Yes. You can join any time and the date you join becomes your renewal date.

How long does membership last?

Membership now runs on a rolling schedule, so the date you join becomes your yearly renewal date.

Does SC-CAMFT offer malpractice insurance?

No. State CAMFT has more information about malpractice insurance.

I would like to publicize an event or lecture. How can SC-CAMFT help?

You can place an ad in our newsletter, buy labels of our membership list, or bring flyers to any of our meetings and make personal announcements. Contact our Newsletter Chair to place an ad, or contact our Membership Chair to purchase labels.

NOTE: We are always open to feedback about which questions would be helpful on our FAQ page. Send us an email with your suggestions about question(s) you would like see listed and answered.