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03/01/2024 March 2024 — Cultivating Understanding and Belonging: Positively Impacting Youth Mental Health — Community Event
01/26/2024 Psychopharmacology: Treatment options for Depression, Anxiety and ADHD
09/23/2023 2023 In-Person & Live — The Laws & Ethics of Practicing Psychotherapy in Modern Times
07/16/2023 SC-CAMFT Picnic in the Park
05/21/2023 Meet Colleagues and Therapists
11/18/2022 SC-CAMFT Presentation & Annual Meeting
07/15/2022 Emotional Sobriety as a Catalyst Toward Sustainable Sobriety
03/11/2022 Ongoing Lessons From the Pandemic: Addressing Youth Mental Health and Opportunities for Resilience.
10/22/2021 2021 Law & Ethics Workshop
06/11/2021 June 2021 Café — Integrating a Client’s Spirituality or Religion Into Their Psychotherapy for Best Clinical Outcomes
04/09/2021 April 2021 Café — Supporting Autistic Clients from a Neurodiversity Paradigm
03/12/2021 March 2021 — Childhood Trauma: Addressing the Clinical Needs from Current and Historical Perspectives — Community Event
02/12/2021 February 2021 Café — The Art of Group Facilitation and Therapy Using Zoom (Online Session via Zoom)
10/09/2020 October 2020 Café — A Moment of Truth: Exploring Culturally Informed Care (Online Session via Zoom)
08/14/2020 August 2020 Café — Online Session Zoom: Helping Clients Live Well and Die Well
07/10/2020 July 2020 Café — Friday 7.10 Exploring Voice and Choice
06/12/2020 June 2020 Café — Translating Polyvagal Theory to Interventions in Session
05/30/2020 The Road to Licensure — LA-CAMFT 3000 Club (A Reciprocal Chapter Event Open to SC-CAMFT Members)
05/08/2020 May 2020 Café — Co-Regulating in Crisis
03/13/2020 March 2020 Café: In-person session CANCELLED : On-line session
02/14/2020 February 2020- Café: Addressing Sexual Desire Discrepancies in Couples Therapy
10/11/2019 October Café: EFT Basics — Navigating Pitfalls in Couple Relationships
09/13/2019 September Café: Finding Right Relationship with Clients: An Introduction to InnerEthicsTM
08/03/2019 2019 Law & Ethics Workshop
06/14/2019 June Café: The Neurobiology and Physiology of Attachment Wounds and Trauma: Theory, Science and Tools
05/10/2019 May Café: Nonviolent Communication in Therapy
04/12/2019 April Café: Experiential Action Methods and Tools for Healing Grief and Trauma
03/08/2019 March Café: State of the Profession
02/02/2019 February SPECIAL Event: The Changing World of Insurance: What EVERY Therapist Should Know
01/11/2019 January Café: The Role of Nutrition in the Treatment of Mental Health Challenges
10/12/2018 October Café: Universal Addictions and Interventions
09/14/2018 September Café: How to Make Good Therapy Even Better - An Overview of the TEAM-CBT Approach
07/13/2018 July Café: Ignite Creativity, Wonder, and Well-Being
06/08/2018 June Café: The Dynamics of the Divorcing Couple
05/11/2018 May Café: More Than a Couple: Working with Clients Who are Non-Monogamous
04/13/2018 April Café: Group Dynamics & Group Psychotherapy: Beyond That One Class You Had In Graduate School
03/09/2018 March Café: Love Relationships in the 21st Century
02/10/2018 Law & Ethics Training: The Psychotherapist as a Creator of Outcomes!
01/12/2018 January Café: Let's talk about the Business and Marketing of a Private Practice
11/10/2017 November Café: Inviting the Body into the Treatment of Eating Disorders
10/13/2017 October Café: Can Empathy Change Negative Thinking? by Rick Longinotti, MFT
09/08/2017 September Café: Brainspotting – A Brain Based Trauma Therapy

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